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This stream will feature interactive events like the CBNE Hackathon, a collective problem-solving competition, and will have sessions on topics such as Participatory Certification and Sustainable Brands. Exploring opportunities for the youth, especially in seeking technological solutions and strategies to bridge gaps and create value, is also a target of this stream. A special market place page has been created as well so participants have access to products made by CBNEs and their partners. 


This is the window that will stimulate purchases from CBNEs that will help them reach new markets. Sales have been difficult during the pandemic, but through this vendors page, participants are able to visit virtual marketplaces of partner vendors which feature CBNE products. After assisting in initial connections, the forum will place the participants in touch with vendors of their choice to continue transactions independently.

Open throughout the forum. No registration required. 

This will be the space for promotional commercials for CBNE products organized per country. Fifteen-minute sessions will be spread out throughout the forum in between sessions wherein videos will be shown and CBNE leaders will share the uniqueness and benefits of their products and the stories why their products are special. Prizes and discounts will be given out at select market moments.

This is a talkshow among trailblazers in the field of natural products and responsible brands. They will share their stories in sourcing products from forest producers citing trends and needs in the market today. They will also share tips for CBNEs to enter markets as well as suggested strategies and steps to join supply chains of sustainable brands. Check schedule in calendar.
A collective mark is a distinct sign or seal that certifies that a product or service meets the standards and characteristics established by the owner of the mark. Forest Harvest is a collective mark that highlights the forest source and sustainability of products of community partners of the NTFP-EP network. It covers all NTFPs harvested from the forests, both from the wild and from cultivated sources. The label guarantees that the product is traceable, sustainable, and of good quality.
In addition to forest honey for which standards and protocols are already established and some brands verified, NTFP-EP and partners will expand to other categories such as eco-textile, rattan and natural dyes where work on traceability and quality control systems have already been initiated. For more information, visit the Forest Harvest page on the NTFP-EP website.
Traceable Forest Source 

Using Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS) or other monitoring systems in place, products or the materials used can be traced back to a well-managed community forest, whether wild or cultivated in home gardens of forest-based communities. 

The product is harvested according to the agreed sustainable harvesting protocols. 
Good Quality

The product is produced according to market standards and meets existing product quality standards of the market, unless a different standard is agreed upon. 
This session focuses on the importance of investing in landscape restoration. It draws particular attention to investing in regional platforms, grassroots initiatives, private sector initiatives and partnerships. The event will examine how community-based NTFP enterprises (CBNEs) can be developed and supported to play a critical role in the conservation and restoration of communities’ environments -- in ways that enhance rural peoples’ livelihoods. It will explore how the burgeoning landscape restoration community and the growing CBNE community can define common directions, and collaborate more effectively, to galvanize progress for community welfare and better enhance landcare and biodiversity in the future.
This session will be moderated by Dennis Garrity, Chairman of EverGreening Alliance. The session is presented by Jusupta Tarigan, Executive Director sat the NTFP-EP Indonesia, Delia Catacutan, Senior Scientist and Regional Director at ICRAF, Gerhard Manurung, ICRAF, Pauline Buffle, Programme Officer in IUCN and Thomas Hofer, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Check the calendar for the schedule.
Branding helps one communicate a unique message to make a customer decide wholeheartedly to follow you. Branding helps you emotionally connect with your market and creates loyalty. How is it done? By attending this session, you will not only learn about branding basics, but you can consult with and interact with a brand manager directly, seek advice and solutions with your CBNE brand and branding strategy.

What is a hackathon and why is it useful?
  • A hackathon is an event where individuals from different disciplines come together to solve a common problem theme over a short period of time.
  • Hackathons are meant to quickly explore a problem space and to explore new, radical ideas in a safe environment! Diverse skills and perspectives are maximized while working with individuals of backgrounds.
  • Discussions and debates are encouraged, but with the short time constraint, innovators must come to an agreement and transform their insights into actionable solutions.


The hackathon master is Birdie Salva, General Manager of Curiosity Design Research. The mentors of this session are Rock Gonzales, Design MNL, Cecile Schimmel, the Bali Curator, Melissa Yeung Yap, Got Heart Group of Companies, Jusupta Tarigan, NTFP EP Indonesia, Ruth Canlas, NTFP- EP Philippines. 

Benefits of joining
  • Hackathons are fun, intense, collaborative experiences that are oriented towards creating and building solutions within a short amount of time!
  • If you are an incredibly curious person who enjoys challenging yourself to solve difficult social, economic, technological, or systemic problems, then this hackathon is the right place to flex your creative muscles! You will be working with other individuals passionate also about solving problems, especially within the field of community forestry enterprise. You will also be guided by experienced mentors in the problem solving process.
  • By joining the hackathon, you and your team members have a chance to win modest prize money at the end of 5 days, and you have a chance for further mentorship towards future opportunities in ongoing CBNE Forum activities til the end of the year.
Team Formation
  • Multi-stakeholder teams will be formed. Language barriers will be reduced as teams, as much as possible, will be from one country or from countries speaking the same language. We encourage startups, students and CBNEs to register for this one-of-a-kind learning experience and competition. There will be a maximum of five members per team. The teams will be shown a set of problem statements and will choose one among themselves to tackle as a group.
Criteria to join
  • Anyone can join the hackathon! From community organizers who have deep insight into a community’s systemic challenges and local context, to coders and designers who can conceptualize products and build prototypes for immediate testing, to business-oriented people who have a strong understanding of how enterprises can be scaled through marketing and economics. The unique combination of everyone’s background, skills, and experience is what will make each team amazing! As long as you have a genuine interest in solving the problems of forest communities, then this hackathon will be much richer with your participation!
  • If you are planning to join the hackathon, you must be willing to commit at least 2-3 hours per day for 5 days to work with your team on your chosen challenge.
  • You must also be willing to collaborate with your team members. This includes being respectful of each other’s ideas especially when discussing challenging topics and deciding on the team’s direction, being accountable for your tasks, and being present during the required hackathon plenary and mentoring sessions.

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