CBNEs need supportive policies and research findings that help promote them and their products. Establishing sustainable NTFP protocols and mainstreaming CBNEs into Micro-Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) strategies of ASEAN are a start. Join these discussions to support CBNEs.

The Conducive Environment stream focuses on the importance of leveling the playing field for CBNEs by providing supportive policies and research findings that help promote them and their products. Even during pre-pandemic times, negotiating markets, balancing costs and developing new products were already challenges for small producers. NTFP-EP supports ASEAN in plans to integrate and mainstream CBNEs into its Micro-Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) strategies. It has also spearheaded guidelines on NTFP harvest protocols. The scientific community will be important in assisting the differentiation of CBNE products from others. 

1. ASEAN Guidelines on NTFP Protocols
This session is a stakeholder consultation on the ASEAN Guidelines on Sustainable Harvest and Resource Management Protocols for Select NTFPs that NTFP-EP has developed. These guidelines went through expert reviews before processing by ASEAN bodies and were adopted by the ASEAN Ministers in Agriculture and Forestry in October 2020. For the best uptake and assistance in dissemination of these guidelines, they will be discussed in a dedicated stakeholder consultation. The guidelines features protocols for five priority NTFPs including rattan, bamboo, fruits, resins and forest honey. Check schedule in calendar.
2. The State of Policies Supporting CBNEs: Initiating an Outlook for NTFPs Process
This session will present the up to date status of policies that support CBNEs. This will serve as inspiration for other governments to develop supportive policies that do not hamper CBNE development in their own countries. This session will also launch an NTFP Outlook process, which will take stock of NTFP development over the years and provide scenarios for NTFP development in the future. Check schedule in calendar.
This session will be moderated by Doris Capistrano, Common Board of Trustees in CIFOR-ICRAF. The session is presented by Sarah Laird with Rachel Wynberg, Co-director of People and Plants International, Edna Maguigad, NTFP-EP Asia, Orlando Panganiban, AFoCO and Dian Sukmajaya, ASEAN Secretariat. Check the calendar for the schedule.
3. Innovative NTFP research and Local Government Policy
Local governments have the power to make things happen for CBNEs, with or without national government support. This session places a spotlight on the great work being done by local governments in partnership with other players and stakeholders. Researchers also can provide insight into values of NTFPs otherwise unknown. These two sectors in tandem can together support NTFP development regionally.Check schedule in calendar.
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