The Forum is not expected to end after the five-day event in June 2021. Capacity building requires time and continued support and a mentoring process. This is best done gradually and over time with CBNEs given the time to absorb new knowledge and test out new skills. Thus the forum will have smaller fora in the succeeding months of August, October and December where additional skills can be developed. In August, the next set of coaching clinics are planned. A story telling and pitching event will be held in October where CBNEs can present their new skills. They can also register to be included for community funding support as well as vie for the CBNE Awards that will culminate in December. 
The CBNE Awards will recognize successful community-based NTFP enterprises in ASEAN. Nominations, review and judging of finalists will happen over the course of several months, and the awards are expected to be given in December 2021. The initiative is envisioned to inspire other emerging, growing enterprises and partnerships in this sector.  
Watch this space for further developments on the CBNE Awards. 
Expanding Community Enterprise and Economic Development or EXCEED is the training and advisory program of NTFP-EP targeted to support the work of NGOs, government agencies and community-based organizations in South and Southeast Asia on livelihoods and community-based enterprises. It is anchored on community-based enterprises that promote conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in rural, forest and protected areas.  
Drawing from lessons and strategies tested for over 12 years of grassroots work with local organizations and rural and forest-based communities in five countries, EXCEED pools the knowledge and experience of at least 25 organizations and several international experts to offer an array of training courses and advisory services on sustainable community enterprise development. It provides comprehensive support from the start of the initiative all the way up to impact evaluation.  
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