Learn and share experiences and practices in CBNE capacity building. Get up to speed on adapting to the new normal. Learn of the important role of CBNE women leaders. Find out about the future of CBNE development.
The CAPACITY stream is an opportunity for CBNEs and their partner support providers to learn and exchange experiences to improve their skills and knowledge in CBNE Development and Management. From community exchanges, talks with various stakeholders including market actors, policy makers and investors, to interactive coaching clinic sessions and storytelling competitions, participants can expect a rich learning and capacity-enhancing environment throughout the CBNE Forum. 
Points of convergence of stakeholders, from community members, support providers to the private sector to discuss and exchange ideas and experiences with the common aim of enabling the women and men of CBNE for success and sustainability.    
Upscaling business capacity development for Community-based NTFP / Forest Enterprises (CNFE) – how to move away from case-by-case projects?
Practitioners, community members and support provider organizations from Asia and Africa exchange experiences and good practices in incubating and building the capacity of community-based enterprises in the forestry sector.  
This session is presented by the IIEDNTFP-EPand the Forest and Farm Facility. The session will be moderated by Ms. Sophie Grouwels, Forest Farm Facility / FAOCheck the calendar for the schedule.
Indigenous and Local Community (IPLC) Women Entrepreneurs in CBNE: A Roundtable

IPLC Women Entrepreneurs, their traditional knowledge and leadership styles are put in the spotlight. We look at entrepreneurship, NTFP enterprises and women supporting other women from their perspectives. Finally, we extend the discussion on issues and gender in the CBNE beyond women’s circle by bringing men into the conversation. 

Securing & Scaling CBNE: Stakeholder and Strategies

The session will tackle four key strategies to scaling CBNEs: (1) Engaging with Entrepreneurs (2) Finding the right financing match (3) Leapfrogging with technology and (4) Tapping the power of Consumer Groups. The session will invite actors in the different sector to reflect on their potential role and contribution in scaling and securing success of CBNEs  as well as share tips and strategies on how CBNEs can successfully engage with them.  

This session is presented by NTFP-EP and moderated by Ms. Femy Pinto, Executive Director, NTFP-EP Asia. Check the calendar for the schedule. 
These are interactive sessions designed to address specific problematic areas of CBNEs, facilitated by members of the CBNEs and their enterprise development mentors from partner organizations including NTFP-EP Philippines and RECOFTC.   

Coaching clinic: Developing Partnerships 
This free coaching clinic introduces the foundations to build an effective partnership and engagement strategy. CBNEs at different stages of partnership development with the private sector, governmental or academic institutes are eligible to apply for the one-on-one interactive coaching session. 

Two CBNEs will be selected to receive coaching in this clinic hosted by RECOFTC, NTFP-EP and AFA. By the end of the session, CBNEs will acquire skills and tools to become stronger business partners. The organizers welcome other CBNEs, private sector representatives, online business partners working with CBNEs and other interested parties to attend the clinic, ask questions and share their experiences. 

Are you a CBNE and want to improve market access through well-developed business relations? Contact the organizers by filling this form no later than May 24, 2021 to be considered and prepared for the session. 

Date: 3 June 2021
Time: 9:30 to 11.00 a.m. ICT
Location: Zoom
Check the calendar for the schedule.
Coaching Clinic: CBNE 101

This session is for organizations and community groups who are thinking of setting up or supporting a community-based enterprise but do not know where to start. From things to consider to steps to take, find out through this conversation.   

Coaching Clinic: Marketing & Management for Community Enterprises
This coaching clinic aims to address specific questions of community-based enterprises in relation to marketing and managing a community-based enterprise, from supply management, financial management and ethics to marketing online. Community-based enterprises are invited to send in advance their questions or ask them during the session so the team of enterprise development officers of NTFP-EP Philippines can address them in this interactive discussion.  
This session is presented by NTFP-EP Philippines and facilitated by Ms. Beng Camba, Enterprise Development Coordinator, NTFP-EP Philippines. Check the calendar for the schedule.
Masterclass sessions are designed to enhance the skills of community-based practitioners in the given short period of time through the sharing of experts who are coming from communities as well as support institutions who are engaged in NTFP enterprises around the region.  
Master Class: Community Food Processing
One of the challenges of community enterprises working on food is meeting government standards for food quality and safety and for processing centers. There is also the challenge of product development. This master class provides these CBNEs an opportunity to hear from experts who directly work with communities from around the region.    
This session is presented by NTFP-EPCheck the calendar for the schedule.
Master Class: CBNE in Times of Change & COVID

Enterprises that succeed are those that know how to adapt to change. In this master class, CBNEs hear from experienced CBNEs on how they are managing to continue their business in this pandemic and in the face of a fast-changing environment. The experts discuss marketing in the pandemic, technologies they have to learn quickly and how they are adapting to the effects of climate change on their resources and business.    

This session is presented by NTFP-EPRECOFTC, and AFA. The session is facilitated by Ms. Emmanuelle Andaya, Special Projects Consultant, NTFP-EP Asia. Check the calendar for the schedule. 
Master Class: Leveraging Business Plans and Collective Action for Support

In this master class, the Asian Farmers Association shares their expertise built over years of experience in developing business plans and proposals as well as consolidating small individual groups into stronger collectives and networks to access credit, funding and other support needed by community-based enterprises from various stakeholders.  

This session is presented by AFACheck the calendar for the schedule. 
CBNE Connect is a special session specifically for CBNEs to get to know and connect with fellow CBNEs from the region to exchange experiences, raise questions and share solutions. If you come across a fellow community enterprise you would like to meet or have more questions for, let us know and we will try our best to arrange a meet up.   
This session is presented by IIEDNTFP-EPForest and Farm FacilityAFA, and IFSA and will be led by Ms. Anna Bolin, IIED. Check the calendar for the schedule.
CBNE Connect + 
If you are from the private or public sector or other stakeholder of interest and would like to connect with a CBNE, please let us know through this link Here. 

Browse through the CBNE Gallery  to find out more about thriving CBNEs. Learn from others’ experiences by  watching Tips Clips on CBNE Good Practices. 
Storytelling is innate in many of partner communities. In this special event, we tap into a skill that is already available to many of our communities in order to engage partners and to inspire a positive narrative for the CBNE Sector. This competition invites members of CBNEs to participate and have the opportunity to win cash and other prizes. Two preparation sessions will be held in August 2021 and the competition will take place in October 2021.  
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